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Menlo College’s vision is to redefine undergraduate business education to be dynamically adaptive, innovative, and relevant so that students can recognize opportunities and apply 21st century skills to make a positive impact on the world.


At Menlo College, we ignite potential and educate students to make meaningful contributions in the innovation economy.

Our students thrive in an environment that values: small class sizes, experiential learning, engaged and student-centered faculty, holistic advising, exceptional student success resources, robust athletics programs and student leadership activities, and opportunities to engage in the Silicon Valley environment. Our graduates are able to learn throughout their lives and to think analytically, creatively, and responsibly in order to drive positive change in organizations and communities. Our faculty members mentor students by identifying potential, cultivating students’ individual talents, and helping them build a roadmap to support their success. We support our faculty in producing research that informs teaching, theory development, and professional practice.

Collectively, the following represents the core values that inform our mission statement:

At Menlo College, we:

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Menlo College