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Math and Peer Tutoring Center

The Math and Peer Tutoring Center, located in the Administration Building, Room 151, is an open resource for all Menlo students to gain one-on-one support for any course. We work with students on an array of assignments, including homework, test or quiz review, data analysis, spreadsheet workbooks, figures and tables for presentations or papers, etc.

The Math and Peer Tutoring Center is staffed by excellent peer tutors who are able to tutor nearly all subjects taught at Menlo College. Students can set up appointments with tutors for online tutoring sessions via Zoom.

To find a tutor, choose your subject:

Need help with writing or presentations? Check out the Writing and Oral Communication Center.

Faculty Office Hours

All faculty maintain regular office hours and they encourage students to meet with them. Meeting with instructors can help students answer questions, understand assignments, prepare for tests, and even plan academic and career goals.

Students can find out about faculty office hours from the instructor and/or course syllabus. Students should check with instructions to find out if an advance appointment is needed.

A course I need tutoring for isn’t offered. What can I do?

If you’re working on a writing assignment, keep in mind that the Writing and Oral Communication Center provides help with writing across the disciplines, regardless of which course you are taking. 

If you need help from someone with subject-specific expertise, we encourage you to email the Associate Director of Student Academic Support Dr. Lisa Villarreal with the course name, instructor, a copy of the assignment instructions/prompt or a sample homework problem. We will forward that information onto our tutors to see if anyone would feel comfortable offering support. 

If we do not have a tutor who can offer support for the course, we can try to recruit a new tutor, but this process will take time. In the meantime, we would encourage you to use your available resources: reach out to the instructor; attend office hours or review sessions; review lecture notes, MOLE resources, or the course books; check out online tutorials; or form a study group with other students in the course.

Study Slam

Study Slam is a group-study session where students come together to complete coursework and prepare for quizzes/exams. Faculty and peer tutors are available to help with a variety of subjects Though we can’t hold our traditional Study Slams in person this semester, we will be providing new opportunities for students and faculty to learn and study together.

Virtual Study Slam – Join faculty and tutors for a group drop-in session on Zoom. You can meet one-on-one or in small groups in a breakout room, or hang out with the group in the main room to chat and catch up.

We will hold three Virtual Study Slam events in Spring 2021:

Thursday, February 25

Thursday, April 29

Thursday, May 6

The Math and Peer Tutoring Center has teamed up with the Writing and Oral Communication Center and Internships and Career Services to host a series of workshops designed to help participants develop their oral communication skills.

Holding Your Own in Group Discussions
Friday, March 5, 11am
Whether in the classroom or the boardroom, making your voice heard while collaborating with others is an essential skill. Learn how to engage effectively with others in group discussions, balancing leadership and teamwork.
Register here!

Interviewing Techniques
Wednesday, March 17, 1pm
Join Assistant Director of ICS Kelly Davis for a workshop reviewing interview types, preparation tips, and interview tricks.
Register here!

How to Introduce Yourself – The Elevator Pitch
Monday, March 29, 1pm
What is an “elevator pitch”? It is the script you follow when introducing yourself to someone new, particularly in academic and professional settings. Attend this workshop to learn how to develop your own elevator pitch to make a positive first impression on professors, new classmates, and employers.
Register here!

How to Make a Great-Looking Powerpoint
Friday, April 16, 11am
Yes, powerpoint can actually look good. Learn how to create streamlined, professional powerpoints that engage rather than distract the audience, and enhance your presentation.
Register here!

How to Crush a Group Presentation
Monday, April 26, 5pm
There’s a difference between simply presenting in a group and presenting as a team. This seminar will teach you how to collaborate on a presentation that will make your whole group look good.
Register here!

We hope to see you there!


The Math and Peer Tutoring Center now offers in-classroom support. Faculty can request a peer tutor visit their class sessions to help facilitate classroom activities. 

Request a TA-for-a-Day


To discuss additional tutoring options, or to apply to be a peer tutor, visit the Math and Peer Tutoring Center in Admin 151, or contact Dr. Lisa Villarreal, Associate Director of Student Academic Support.


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