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Equity & Justice Studies Minor

The Menlo College EJS minor includes courses in economics, history, humanities, political science, psychology, and social sciences. It is designed for students with an interest in social justice who seek a deeper understanding of the role of systemic inequities, social movements, revolutions, and uprisings in the United States and globally. The study of disenfranchised groups will allow students to view their studies through a lens that critically explores the role of privilege, oppression, and dominant ideology no matter the personal, academic, or professional path they choose.

The minor in Equity, & Justice Studies requires 12 semester credit hours. The minor offers an interdisciplinary approach intended to foster students’ development and/or reclaiming of dignity, agency, and allied behavior. A focus on EJS prepares students to work to shape a more humane global world for all. Students will explore issues related to the social construction and intersectionality of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, and ability.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOS)

  1. Critical thinking Students will be able to hone their critical thinking skills by learning how to identify and question notions of meritocracy, upward mobility, and individualism.
  2. Understanding the marginalization & oppression of disenfranchised groups. Students will be able to delineate the role of history in constructing systems designed to elevate dominant ideology.
  3. A social justice lens intended to dismantle oppressive systems by becoming allies and agents of change. Students are encouraged to see themselves as part of the solution and will be able to apply their relevant scholarly endeavors to transcend and transform contemporary injustices.

Student Standing and Coursework Requirements

Students who wish to declare a minor in EJS may do so as early as their sophomore year as long as they are in good academic standing. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required. There are two tiers from which students will select courses to complete their EJS minor.

The first tier provides a collection of coursework from which one required course must be selected; the second tier allows students to select three courses of interest to them. The aforementioned courses may not be used to fulfill GE course requirements or core Psychology courses. For example, students majoring in Psychology must take into account that their electives may not be double-counted for the EJS minor as well. Students must also be advised to avoid conflict with Multicultural units and Humanities/Social Science selections and should prepare accordingly.

The EJS minor requires 12 units and must be selected from the following list.

TIER TWO: ELECTIVE COURSES (Select three courses from the list below)

Please note: students are encouraged to petition to the Appeals Committee if they prefer to substitute with another course (e.g. a Special Topics course).


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