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Our Faculty

Austin, Jodie
Austin, Jodie

Assistant Professor of English
jodie.austin@menlo.edu | 650.543.3862
Florence Moore Building 323A

Du, Ruixue
Du, Ruixue

Associate Professor of Accounting
ruixue.du@menlo.edu | 650.543.3902
Brawner Hall 245

Fabian Eggers
Eggers, Fabian

Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship
fabian.eggers@menlo.edu | 650.543.3871
Florence Moore Building 314

Shalini Gopalkrishnan
Gopalkrishnan, Shalini

Visiting Professor, Management
s.gopalkrishnan@menlo.edu | 650.543.3903
Brawner Hall 244

Mark Hager
Hager, Mark

Professor of Psychology
mhager@menlo.edu | 650.543.3780
Florence Moore Building 306A

Lan Jiang
Jiang, Lan

Associate Professor of Marketing
Brawner Hall 246

Evan Lau
Lau, Evan

Visiting Professor of Biology
evan.lau@menlo.edu | 650.543.3864
Florence Moore Building 306A

Dima Leshchinskii
Leshchinskii, Dima

Associate Professor of Finance
dleshchinskii@menlo.edu | 650.543.3873
Florence Moore Building 313

Kathi Lovelace
Lovelace, Kathi

Professor of Human Resource Management
kathi.lovelace@menlo.edu | 650.543.3848
Florence Moore Building 310A

Grande Lum, Professor and Provost
Lum, Grande

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Professor of Law
grande.lum@menlo.edu | 650.543.4197
Brawner Hall 100

Margaret McFarland, JD
McFarland, Margaret

Visiting Professor of
Law and Real Property
margaret.mcfarland@menlo.edu | 650.543.3705
Brawner Hall 141

Jessica Mean
Mean, Jessica

Lecturer, Math
jessica.mean@menlo.edu | 650.543.3814
Brawner Hall 241

Lisa Mendelman
Mendelman, Lisa

Assistant Professor of English
lisa.mendelman@menlo.edu | 650.543.3863
Florence Moore Building 323C

Melissa Michelson
Michelson, Melissa

Dean of Arts and Sciences
Professor of Political Science
melissa.michelson@menlo.edu | 650.543.3844
Brawner Hall 100

Robert Mulvey
Mulvey, Robert

Distinguished Practitioner in Residence
and Lecturer of Finance
robert.mulvey@menlo.edu | 650.543.3801
Brawner Hall 250

Bruce Paton
Paton, Bruce

Professor Emeritus of
Management and Innovation
Florence Moore Building 322

Melissa Poulsen
Poulsen, Melissa

Assistant Professor of English
melissa.poulsen@menlo.edu | 650.543.3821
Florence Moore Building 323B

Sean Pradhan
Pradhan, Sean

Assistant Professor of Sports Management
and Business Analytics
sean.pradhan@menlo.edu | 650.543.3988
Brawner Hall 248

Leslie Sekerka
Sekerka, Leslie

Professor Emeritus of Business Ethics
lsekerka@menlo.edu | 650.543.3701
Brawner Hall 242

Mouwafac Sidaoui
Sidaoui, Mouwafac

Dean, School of Business
Professor, Business Analytics & Data Science
mouwafac.sidaoui@menlo.edu | 650.543.3771
Brawner Hall 100

Tewari, Manish
Tewari, Manish

Associate Professor of Finance
manish.tewari@menlo.edu | 650.543.3928
Florence Moore Building 302

Marianne Marar Yacobian
Yacobian, Marianne Marar

Professor of Global Studies
mmarar@menlo.edu | 650.543.3742
Brawner Hall 247

Janis Zaima
Zaima, Janis

Professor of Accounting
janis.zaima@menlo.edu | 650.543.3709
Brawner Hall 243


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