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How to Use Zoom

In order to have a live Zoom class. You the professor would need to set-up your own personal Zoom account at http://www.zoom.us.  Then you would click on “Sign up” and follow the instructions. To sign up you will use your Menlo e-mail, for example, Ayanna.wright@menlo.edu and then proceed to set-up a personal password. Once your account is set-up, Academic Affairs is suggesting you add a link to Zoom on your desktop. 

Once your Zoom account is set-up please e-mail all students which you can send one e-mail to your entire class via MOLE in the left-hand column under the first tab Course Options then select SEND MESSAGE to make sure ALL MEMBERS is selected in the TO: section. 


Instruct students to follow the instructions given to you to set up their own Zoom account using their MENLO e-mail to set the account up. Zoom also has an app they can download to their cell phone if they do not have access to a desktop or laptop. 


Go here for an instructional video on setting up and convening a Zoom meeting.  Menlo’s Zoom license permits you to have 100 participants per meeting, meeting duration up to 24 hrs, user management, admin feature controls, reporting, custom personal meeting ID, assign scheduler, and 1GB of MP4 or M4A cloud recording. Zoom also provides for closed captioning.

REQUIRED: Upload each of your classes to MOLE.

How to upload Zoom classes on MOLE/Schoology video:

How to upload Zoom classes on MOLE/Schoology powerpoint:


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