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Menlo College Online Teaching Guidelines

Here are recommendations for switching from classroom to teaching online due to unforeseen circumstances:

  1. Communicate ASAP with your students. Whether or not you are fully prepared with an online plan, let them know that you will be reaching out to them again to inform them of changes. Do share how you will be primarily communicating with them e.g. email or MOLE.
  2. Review and adjust course assignments for the upcoming classes. Are the assignments online, and are they available to students whether on MOLE or e-mail? Do students know how and when to turn in assignments? Do you need to change anything in the syllabus? What are your priorities as you go online e.g. lectures, group work, discussion? How you will give feedback to students.
  3. Review and adjust your syllabus. What needs to be changed, at least temporarily e.g. assignments, policies, deadlines. Carefully consider substantive grading elements e.g. exams. Perhaps use a project in lieu of a final exam. Consider online proctoring. Highlight changes in e-mail and in the online Zoom class.
  4. Plan how to transition your in-class experience to an online one. This is already a stressful time. Use approaches and tools that work for you and your students. Consider how you might achieve what you normally do in-classroom online e.g. online discussion, quizzes and forums to replace in-class discussion. Highlight changes in expectations of students e.g. communication, participation, and deadlines. Using Zoom as a synchronous approach allows you to maintain an experience closer to the in-classroom experience.
  5. Stay on top of your communication plan. Communicate early and often. Set expectations for how often you will be communicating and how often students should be communicating. Let them know the best ways to communicate with you. Set online office hours.

As you prepare and conduct your classes, also consider the following. Be ready to deal with students without internet access, students who are ill or caring for those who are ill, requests for extensions and accommodations.

We recognize transitioning from in-classroom teaching to online because of unforeseen circumstances is not ideal and we appreciate all you do in order to provide continuity of education to our Menlo College students.

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