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Menlo Online Learning Environment

Welcome to Menlo and to MOLE — the Menlo Online Learning Environment, powered by Schoology, our learning management system.

If you have used other instructional systems, you will find Schoology’s features and functions quite familiar. Students find it easy to use and I trust you will as well, whether or not you have previously used an LMS

Your Fall course-spaces have been created in Schoology and are ready for you to upload your course materials.

Your Fall course-spaces are now available in Schoology.

If you are teaching more than one section of a course, it may be advantageous to combine them into one course-space in Schoology. Please contact Ayanna Haysbert-Wright (ayanna.wright@menlo.edu) or Calvin Choi (calvin.choi@menlo.edu) to discuss the pros and cons and arrange for a combined space if you choose.

For your review, recordings of several online trainings are posted on the MOLE Support page (https://menlocollege.getcider.com/about/directory/information-technology/mole-support/):

1) Login into MOLE at https://mole.menlo.edu with your MyMenlo login:

Note that your MOLE login name is always your MyMenlo ID, never your email address.

2) To access Schoology Support, click on the ‘Support’ icon located next to your login name on the Home page. The Instructor Help Guides are well-written with short videos and lots of detail.

3) For further help to get started, we have posted videos of previous training webinars on the MOLE Support page as well as information on how to use the Schoology Mobile App. https://menlocollege.getcider.com/about/directory/information-technology/mole-support/

4) Back on your Home page, select a course from the ‘Courses’ drop-down …

…and choose ‘Members’ from the left-hand column to see registered students. Registrations are updated daily.

In addition, the following are links to two short videos to help you save and reuse materials from this or a previous term.

(1) To make changes for a new year, save your materials to your Resources and edit there. Once the term is complete, your current courses will also be saved in your Archive. However because student work is also preserved in the archived course, you’ll want to keep that as a true record of past work rather than making changes there. If you need to make changes to the course materials for the new term, do not edit course materials within past courses. Save them to resource files first, then edit the materials there.

Saving course materials to resources:

(2) Resource ‘collections’ are like filing cabinets for the master copies of course materials. Here’s a link to a video that walks through importing course materials from Schoology resource files, so that you can take advantage of the work you have already put into your class.

Importing resources into a course:

Additional notes:

(1) Your archived course will be saved to a single folder in your Resources.

To choose all materials in this folder for your new course, open the folder and click on the checkbox next to ‘Title’ to select all of the subfolders and materials.

Then from the Edit dropdown, choose ‘Add to course’.

(2) If you use the Gradebook Transfer last year’s Gradebook setup to this year’s courses before importing saved materials. In your Archived course, choose Gradebook/Grade Setup, then click on Copy Settings > Select Settings to Copy, and Select Course:

By copying your Grade Settings first, the materials you import from your archived course will automatically map to the correct categories in this term’s offering.

In your Gradebook use ‘Bulk Edit’ to set Due Dates and make other global changes easily and quickly.

You will need to set the ‘Final Grade Settings’ in each course individually, to correspond to choices — personal, departmental, or institutional — for the new term.

Turnitin is fully integrated as a learning tool within Schoology and is available for use in every class. While many of you already use Turnitin directly as an adjunct to your teaching, you may find that creating Turnitin assignments within Schoology will streamline access for your students and the process of assessment for you.

Attached is an excerpt from Schoology’s Support Center that walks through how to set up a Turnitin assignment within Schoology.

Turnitin has also produced two short videos on how to create and submit a Turnitin Assignment.

Schoology (LTI) – Instructor – Creating Turnitin LTI Assignment

Schoology (LTI) – Instructor – Creating Turnitin LTI Assignment from Turnitin on Vimeo.

Schoology (LTI) – Student – Submit to Turnitin LTI Assignment

Schoology (LTI) – Student- Submit to Turnitin LTI Assignment from Turnitin on Vimeo.

These links are also posted on the MOLE Support page:


REQUIRED: Upload each of your classes to MOLE.

How to upload Zoom classes on MOLE/Schoology video:

How to upload Zoom classes on MOLE/Schoology powerpoint:



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