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Registration is overseen by the Office of the Registrar.

In addition to overseeing registration activities, the Office of the Registrar is the official steward of student records, and works closely with Academic Affairs and Academic Advising in preserving the integrity of academic policies.

Registration Information

Menlo College offers courses taught by outstanding faculty in smaller class sizes during the Fall and Spring semesters, and Summer Session. The most current schedule information is available online through MyMenlo. You do not need to login to view course offerings. All current Menlo students may register, add or drop a course by logging into MyMenlo and selecting the appropriate Fall or Spring schedule. First time Menlo students are registered by their academic advisor.

Prior to registration, freshmen and sophomores must meet with their academic advisors. To find your appropriate registration day, please refer to the Academic Calendar. Students who are unable to register for a course online for any other reason may also complete an Add/Drop slip. Students who have any holds on MyMenlo accounts must contact the appropriate office(s) for clearance prior to registration.

Menlo College accepts applications for visiting students during the Spring and Fall terms. For additional information or to apply, please visit Guest Students.

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and Directory Information

When a student begins post-secondary education or reaches the age of 18 (whichever comes first) the student has rights to his or her education records and the privacy of these records under the protection of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, commonly known as the Buckley Amendment or the FERPA law.

Students can exercise these rights by having control over the disclosure of records, the right to inspect and review his or her records, and seek to amend records believed to be incorrect. There are some types of information within student education records that can be released prior to the student’s consent, known as Directory Information. This information may consist of a student’s dates of attendance, degree information and honors or athletic information. Some of this information is also used when publishing honors lists, commencement programs and other institutional publications. Students may request to withhold this information at any time.

Students who wish to inspect or review their records, or change their preferences or approve releases, may at any time visit the Office of the Registrar and make requests or changes in writing by completing the FERPA Student Information Authorization form. Forms can be completed in person with valid photo identification. If not completed in person, the form must be accompanied by a copy of a valid government issued identification. Only the student may complete the form. More information on FERPA can be found on the website of the US Department of Education and also on the FERPA Student

Student Tax Reporting

Purpose of the Form 1098-T

The IRS requires Menlo College to issue Form 1098-T, Tuition Payments Statement, to each student by January 31. The Form 1098-T is an information tax document to aid taxpayers (parents and students) in determining whether they are eligible to claim a tax deduction or one of the education tax credits. For more information, visit www.irs.gov and enter 1098T in the search field.

Social Security Number or Tax Payer Identification Number

What if I did not receive a 1098-T form?

If you have already provided your social security number to Menlo College, please contact the Business Office at 650.543.3781 or email michael.paneitz@menlo.edu. If you have not provided your social security number to Menlo College, please complete the W-9S or W9 form and provide it to the Office of the Registrar.

Academic Request Services

Message: Please note, due to COVID-19, all normal in person or physical mailing options are suspended at this time. Please provide desired email for email option on the form.

The Office of the Registrar maintains all student academic records, and the links to some of our services are provided below. The Office of the Registrar is committed to providing all services in an expeditious manner, but during peak seasons, please refer to the individual forms for expected processing times. Each form can be downloaded, printed out and returned via post, fax or email. Forms can also be completed in person at the Office of the Registrar. If you are unable to print out the form, you may provide the request in writing with all the necessary information that is required on the forms. Requests without signatures or verbal requests will not be processed. Student that have access to MyMenlo may complete selected forms under Student Forms.

Transcript Requests

To ORDER a transcript please visit the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC).

To CHECK THE STATUS of a transcript, visit TrackOrder.

Through NSC, Menlo College can deliver transcripts securely and electronically. Applicable fees are requested at the time of service. Transcripts may also be ordered in person by visiting Menlo College at the Office of the Registrar in the Admissions Building. If you are unable to request a transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse, you may send a written request with the information below. Please note that according to federal law, only the student may request the transcript.

Current students are able to print out unofficial transcripts through MyMenlo without an associated fee. Students who are no longer enrolled have access to MyMenlo for one year after the last date of attendance. Valid photo identification is required for transcripts requested for pickup. If the student arranges for a third party to pick up the transcript on his or her behalf, the student must provide the Office of the Registrar with a signed authorization in writing. Students must clear any outstanding financial obligations with the Business Office prior to the release of any transcripts. Menlo College transcript fees are listed below:

$6 for first transcript
($3 for each additional transcript going to the same destination)
$6 for each transcript going to a different destination
$20 24-hour rush processing (not required for FedEx)

FedEx Expedited Delivery Services
$25 Domestic next business day
$30 Saturday
$50 International (2-5 Business Days)

Enrollment and Graduation Verification

If you need an enrollment or graduation verification, please visit the National Student Clearinghouse. (See below for possible exceptions.) This service is available at any time with a minimal fee. Both students and third parties can access this service.

  1. Click on Order-Track-Verify (right-hand side) and select the second option in the drop down Verify Degrees, Enrollment & Certifications.
  2. Click on Verify Now, select Current Enrollment, Dates of Attendance, or Degree or School Certificate and type in Menlo College for school selection.
  3. Enter name of student and make payment.

Please email registrar@menlo.edu if you are requesting a verification for either of the following:

Transfer Course Approval

Transfer Course Approval form (PDF)

Students who intend on taking courses outside of Menlo College and wish to receive credit at Menlo should complete the Transfer Course Approval form prior to registering for the course. The course description, which can be obtained from the outside institution, must be attached to the form. The Office of the Registrar will review the course for approval and notify the student of the decision through the Menlo email, unless provided in person or the student no longer has access to the Menlo email. To receive credit, the student must pass the course with a C- or above, and send official transcripts to Menlo College. The transfer credit is not calculated into the Menlo College grade point average.

Student Information and Change of Address

Student Information/Change of Address form (PDF)

All students should update their permanent address and contact information with the Office of the Registrar as necessary through MyMenlo on the Student Information and Change of Address form. Important information may be mailed directly to students, including billing statements and academic notifications. All requests to update contact information must be completed by the student. If you are a former student, easily update your contact information through www.menlo.edu/alumni/update-your-information.

General and Information Request

Information/General Request form (PDF)

For any other request not mentioned above, the General and Information Request form can be completed. Please be specific regarding the type of information you are requesting and the “send to” address of the party who should receive the information.

Academic Petition

Academic Petition form (PDF) 

A student who has evidence of a special circumstance that may render a college policy or procedure inappropriate may petition for special review of his or her case by completing an Academic Petition form. Students may also request to substitute courses for graduation requirements by completing this form. Petitions and substitutions are reviewed by the Academic Appeals Committee. In some cases, the Academic Dean will review a decision of the Academic Appeals Committee, and then this decision becomes final. Students are advised to meet with their academic advisor and provide supporting documentation in addition to the form. All Academic Petitions or Substitution Requests should be returned to the Office of the Registrar, and will be forwarded to the Academic Appeals Committee or Academic Dean as necessary.

Graduation Petition for Former Students

Graduation Petition for Former Students form (PDF)

Former graduation candidates who are not able to re-enroll and wish their remaining requirements to be evaluated should complete the Graduation Petition for Former Students form. The Registrar will audit the degree status and notify the former student through the provided personal email.

Course Description and Syllabus Request

Course Description and Syllabus Request form (PDF)

Course description can be found online in the catalog year for which the course was taken. See Academic Catalogs in www.menlo.edu/about/news-publications. Menlo College can provide most course descriptions and syllabi for courses from 1995 to present. Course descriptions are brief summaries of course content, and syllabi are a more in-depth description of course content and may include assignments, textbooks used and grading scheme. Course information will be taken directly from the catalog that was in effect when the course was taken by the student. Students can complete the Course Description and Syllabus Request form.

Proposal for Individual Directed Research

Students who have scholarly interest in a particular area of study that is not regularly offered by Menlo College may propose an Individual Directed Research (IDR) course. IDR courses must be approved by a faculty member and the Academic Dean with the Proposal for Individual Directed Research form. IDR courses will be charged the same applicable fees as other scheduled Menlo courses. Please visit Academic Affairs to request the IDR form. After approval, all IDR forms must be returned to the Office of the Registrar for registration.

Diploma Replacement

Diploma Replacement form

Graduation conferral dates are May 31st, August 31st, and December 31. After final degree audits, diplomas are ordered three times a year (mid-July, mid-September and mid-February). If you are in urgent need of graduation verification, you may request a verification order an official transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse. Complete the Diploma Replacement form to request a replacement for a diploma certificate, a replacement fee applies.

Veteran Affairs

Menlo College is proud to include those who have served in our nation’s armed forces, and their dependents, among the diverse population of students we welcome to our campus. The Office of the Registrar provides support to students participating in the Post 9/11 GI Bill® (Chapter 33) and other VA programs. Students participating in the Post 9/11 GI Bill® may be eligible to receive up to $24,476.79 (2019-2020 cap) annually towards net tuition and fees.

Menlo College also participates in the Veteran Affairs’ Chapter 33 Yellow Ribbon Program. Through Yellow Ribbon, in addition to the yearly benefit cap, qualified students may be eligible to receive additional funding from the VA to supplement Menlo College aid. Funds may be used to offset remaining net tuition and fees, up to a maximum of $10,000 per year. The VA makes Yellow Ribbon payments directly to Menlo College.

Menlo students may also receive VA education benefits through the Chapter 35 Dependents’ Educational Assistance (DEA) or Chapter 1606 Montgomery GI Bill® programs. Under both programs, the VA pays the student directly on a monthly basis. For a more comprehensive explanation of benefits, please visit the website of the US Department of Veteran Affairs. Menlo College is proud that our eligibility to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program reflects our commitment to offer quality service to our veteran students. Click here for more information on the Principles of Excellence.

How to Apply for Benefits


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