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Guest Students

Menlo College accepts guest students during the fall, spring and summer terms. During the fall and spring terms, guest students are visiting, regular degree-seeking students in good standing at another institution, who are admitted to Menlo College for one term only. Coursework completed under guest student status is considered a part of the student’s program elected under the jurisdiction of the home institution.

It is recommended that students seek academic advising from their home institution prior to enrolling at Menlo College. Summer session is open enrollment, but all guest students must still meet course prerequisites prior to registration. Guest students must also pay tuition and applicable fees prior to registration.

To be admitted as a guest student, students must complete and submit a Menlo College Undergraduate Guest Application. After the applications is approved, guest students interested in taking courses during summer open enrollment will be notified to complete the Summer Registration Form.

Prospective guest students must complete Part 1, and submit the application to the registrar at their home institution for completion of Part 2. The home institution registrar will verify that the student has a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher, is in good standing and eligible to return to the home institution. The home institution must sign, date and place the school seal on the application to make it official. Students may be required to produce an unofficial transcript to verify that they have fulfilled any Menlo College course prerequisite requirements.

Guest students are limited to a total of four semesters of enrollment. Guest students who wish to apply to Menlo College as degree-seeking students must complete a regular application for admission and meet all regular admission requirements. Courses taken at all institutions, including those taken as a guest student at Menlo College, will be used to calculate the admission grade point average. This calculation will be weighed in Menlo’s decision to admit the guest student as a regular degree-seeking student. Guest students are required to pay a $40 application fee.


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