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Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

Now is the time and we have the ways in which you can get more involved with your alma mater. We know Menlo College changed your life, share what you’ve learned and earned to inspire current students on their educational, professional and personal journey. You will have fun and be inspired by our students’ energy and enthusiasm while igniting their potential. Review the list below, decide the opportunity you would like to engage in and submit the form to get started. 

Student Engagement

Alumni are needed throughout the school year to assist current and prospective students with making life decisions from day one to Commencement (and beyond). This includes showcasing the benefits of a Menlo College education through what major and/or internship is best for their career path and other life skills.

Alumni Engagement

There are a number of ways in which alumni can give of their time and talent to connect with one another and the college. How much time is solely up to you; it could be 10 minutes or 10 hours in a week or a month. You decide what works best for your schedule. 

Alumni Volunteer Opportunities – Enrollment Form (web)

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Student Engagement

Alumni Engagement

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