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Alumni – Share Your Story

Everybody has a story and we want to hear yours. Not only do we want to hear it, we want to share it with your fellow alumni, students and the Menlo College Family. We want everyone to know how great our alumni are, but more importantly, we want them to be inspired. You can also share the story of a fellow alumnus who may not want to brag, but you do and so do we. You get the point, let’s tell and share the good news of Menlo College Alumni.

Your Information

Alumnus Information (If Story is about another Alum)

Do you have a new cool job? Recently promoted? Retired? Married? Birth of a Child? Or, do you have a story of a Menlo College alum who is doing something innovative, making an impact and engaged with the world? (i.e. I ran my first marathon; Jane Smith ’76 is started a VC; John Marshall received Entrepreneur of the Year Award, etc.)

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