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Through the Gates

Eighty-five Years of Menlo College and its Times, by Pamela Gullard

“I graduated in 1976, and the other day I was back at Menlo. Not much has changed. Walking across the lawn from Flo Mo to Brawner, I knew then and I know now, that Menlo College is a little slice of heaven.”

– Frances Mann-Craik ’76

“Through the Gates” features reminiscences from more than 100 alumni and over 150 photographs and images. The book chronicles each decade and the college’s transformation from a two-year school to a four-year, fully integrated college. These alumni reminiscences and photos highlight the narrative, bringing each era alive, and showing the affection students hold for Menlo College decades after they graduate. It’s a special book that every Menlo alum should own.

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