Menlo College Expert: Business Ethics

Leslie Sekerka, Ph.D.

Atherton, CA – January 23, 2018 – Menlo has expertise on moral development, business ethics education and training, organizational ethics, and ethics for children.

Dr. Leslie E. Sekerka, Professor of Management and Director of the Ethics in Action Center at Menlo College, is available for comment on business ethics, including current issues that relate to respect, inclusion, and moral competency. She wrote her Ph.D. dissertation (at Case Western Reserve) on organizational change and development and is an expert on broadening and building moral strength in organizational settings.

Dr. Sekerka is an award-winning literary scholar, authoring research that investigates ethical decision-making, moral emotions, and how to co-create solutions that move to address current and emerging ethical issues in business.

More about Dr. Sekerka’s publications and applied scholarship can be found at

Please contact Dr. Sekerka at 650-543-3701 or