Menlo College Expert: Corporate Bonds

Menlo has expertise in corporate bonds and how the bond provisions, such as call and put provisions, are designed to address agency issues and conflict of interest between shareholders and bondholders.

Dr. Manish Tewari, Assistant Professor of Finance, is available for comments given the rising bond yields in the current economic environment.

Dr. Manish Tewari, whose main area of research is in corporate bonds, has published papers on corporate bond provisions including a publication in the top journal in finance, Journal of Financial Economics. Researchers from the top Universities worldwide strive to publish their article in the Journal of Financial Economics. Following is the citation of the paper.

“Callable Bonds, Reinvestment Risk, and Credit Rating Improvements: Role of the Call Premium,” (M. Tewari, P. Ramanlal and A. Byrd), Journal of Financial Economics, February 2015, Vol 115 (2), 349-360.

Please contact Dr. Tewari at 650-543-3928 or