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Who Should Take This Course?

Career Management in the Workplace (INT 120) is the perfect course for students who are ready to begin thinking seriously about their career goals. This course is open to all students regardless of class year or major, but is especially practically for students who are:

Career Management in the Workplace is a 1-unit course that both introduces students to career theory and equips them with the tools and skills needed to achieve lifelong career success.

Course Description

This course is designed to teach students to use critical thinking to clearly define their career objectives and available opportunities related to their interests and majors. Through the course students will understand the connection between internships and full-time careers, develop techniques for conducting successful job searches, and identify strategies necessary for ongoing career development in today’s workplace. This class will be delivered weekly with the use of lectures, career assessments, class discussions, role-playing activities, presentations, career development assignments and guest speakers.

Learning Outcomes:


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