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Housing & Residential Life

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Dimensions of Room

*Room sizes may vary depending on building. The dimensions listed on this page are an approximation of the space. Please note, non-standard doubles are only available in Howard and Michaels Halls.

Standard Quad – Approx 12’6″ X 17′
Standard Triple – Approx 12’6″ X 17′
Standard Double – Approx 11′ X 12′
Large Double – Approx 12’6″ X 17′
Standard Single – Approx 9′ X 12′

2020-2021 Housing Prices

**All prices listed are per semester.
Standard Triple- $6,375.00
Standard Double- $7,700.00
Large Double- $7,950.00
Standard Single- $10,150.00

*Residence Hall License Agreement 2020-2021

Policies and Requirements

We believe on-campus living is an essential part of the Menlo experience. We have instituted residence policies with the goal of maintaining a substantial on-campus student body, and making on-campus living a positive experience for all. Once you are accepted to Menlo, we will send you more detailed information and instructions regarding on-campus housing.

Residence Requirements

All unmarried students who are under the age of 21 before the start of a semester must reside on campus, unless they live with their parents or adult guardian within the vicinity of the college (defined as within 30 miles of the college). This policy does not apply to students with junior standing or those who have lived on campus for four semesters.

All international students must live on campus during their first year, as this will help you become more comfortable with the American educational system and student life at Menlo. However, international students with previous collegiate experience in the United States, or those who wish to reside with their parents in the immediate vicinity of the college, may petition the Office of Residential Life for a waiver of this requirement.

Changes in Residence Status

Students may not change from resident to day student status after July 1st for the Fall Semester or after December 1st for the Spring Semester—regardless of their eligibility to reside off-campus—without incurring a financial penalty. All requests for change of status must be made using the Change of Housing Status Report form available in the Office of Residential Life.

Resident Hall Policies

Residential Staff enforce all rules and regulations of the college. Students are expected to adhere to residence hall policies established in the interest of maintaining a pleasant, respectful, and peaceful living atmosphere that is compatible with, and necessary for, a positive educational environment.

Policies are outlined in the Student Handbook (which includes the Student Code of Conduct).

– Damage Building Fees

Gender-Inclusive Housing Policy

The following terms are essential to understand the gender-inclusive housing policy at Menlo College:

Gender-inclusive housing provides safe, affirming environments and spaces for students of all gender identities. Gender-inclusive housing supports the College’s non-discrimination policy, and fully commits to the principles of social justice with respect to celebrating our differences, regardless of ethnicity, race, sexual orientation and identity, religion, or political views. The primary purpose of our residential program is to assist students with their personal growth and development while creating an exceptionally supportive learning environment.

Gender-inclusive housing also provides housing options for students who may identify as transgender, are who are questioning their gender identity, or who do not wish to prescribe to gender classifications.

First-Year Students
Gender-inclusive housing is available for first year students and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. First-year students who want a gender inclusive space should contact the Department of Residential Life.

Continuing and Transfer Students
Continuing and transfer students, regardless of gender identity, may choose to reside together in a double occupancy room on a mixed-gender floor in O’Brien Hall. Students indicate their preference to cohabitate when the roommate preference on the students’ respective housing applications indicate their request to be assigned a shared room. There is no additional requirement in order to enable a gender-inclusive room assignment. The assignment of a gender-inclusive room is subject to availability.

Resident Refund Policy

A student who officially withdraws, changes residence status or who is otherwise removed from campus housing may be eligible for a refund. If you are eligible for a refund, the date that you officially check out of your residence hall room with a staff member is the date that will be used to calculate residence fee refunds.

Room and board fees will be prorated through the 20th class day of occupancy. Room and board is a combined fee, not separated for billing purposes. There is no refund beyond the 20th class day during a semester. For additional information, please see Tuition and Fees.

Disability Accommodations Request for Residence Halls

In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, Menlo College is committed to providing students with reasonable accommodation for well-documented disabilities. Individuals who are seeking special accommodations within the residence halls are encouraged to indicate this intention in their Housing Application. Additionally, please submit the following information to the campus Disabilities Services Specialist, Mike Palmieri as soon as possible.

A Living-Learning Community

In Menlo’s living-learning community, you’re out of the classroom education is supplemented by a wealth of opportunities within, and outside of, your residence hall.  There is definitely more to your on campus room than just a place to sleep.  You will learn from your roommates, your neighbors, and the rest of the students.  You will also be in a tight-knit community that involves dedicated staff and faculty members that reside in the residence halls.   These staff and faculty members will enrich your college experience with educational programs, exciting activities, and a supportive environment outside of your normal classroom learning. The living-learning aspect of Menlo’s community allows students to grow as individuals and to thrive in our College community.

Living in a community carries with it responsibility and accountability just as it does in your own hometown.  This especially rings true in a high density living area such as the residence halls.  You have to start thinking and operating in the mindset that everything you do may have an effect on the people next door, on your residential floor, and on your building.  Since many areas of the building are shared spaces such as the lounges, laundry rooms, hallways, and bathrooms, the effect of noise, damage, and trash impacts everyone.  As a community, everyone shares in making the environment one in which the residents can sleep and study, as well as have fun.  With the assistance of the Residential Life Staff and Resident Assistants, you can help in making your living area a place to be proud of and to call home.

Phone and Internet Service

Menlo College provides students with telephone (a stet phone) and Internet service in every residence hall.  If requested, each student resident is allocated a CISCO 7960 IP PHONE.  Only these phones will operate in the Menlo College residence halls (in other words, if you bring your own telephone, it will not work). Service issues and inquiries may be submitted to the Menlo College Office of Information Technology at (650) 543 – 3830.  For more information, check our website at www.menlo.edu/about/directory/information-technology/.  Menlo College offers unlimited high speed Internet service to its residents. Currently we offer wireless internet in the following locations:  all Residence Halls, Bowman Library, Brawner Hall Computer Labs, Florence Moore classrooms, the College Dining Hall, and the Student Union…as well as wired options.

Mail Service

All student mailboxes are located at the post office, which is next to the Library.  Packages may be picked up at the campus post office. You will receive your mailbox key or combination when you check in to your room.  When addressing your mail or receiving mail, you will use the mailbox number (not your building or room number) as part of the address.  Your address is as follows:

Your Name
Menlo College
1000 El Camino Real
Campus Box # (insert box number)
Atherton, CA 94027

 (Due to storage space restrictions, please be advised that you should not send any packages/boxes to your box number earlier than two days before you arrive on campus.)

Campus Security

Although the Atherton/Menlo Park area is a relatively safe community, which does not mean that crime does not happen in this area or on campus. Campus security officers are on duty 24-hours a day, and 7 days a week and conduct regular patrols. Campus Security personnel will enter the residence halls as a regular part of their rounds, safely escort students around the college and work closely and cooperatively with the Residence Life staff and the Atherton Police Department in responding to situations on campus. We also have Resident Assistants and other Residence Life staff members on duty in the residence halls 24-hours a day and 7 days a week. Each group makes regular rounds through the residence halls.

Remember that it is the duty of all community members to be active participants in supporting a safe environment. We encourage all students to make sure that your personal belongings are covered by insurance, your doors are locked, and that you report any incidents of suspicious persons or theft immediately. To contact Campus Security call 650.400.5837.

Electrical Appliances

Because of power restrictions and safety concerns, only the following appliances are permitted in the residence halls:  irons, curling irons, stereos, televisions, electric blankets, hair dryers, coffee makers, computers, clocks, MicroFridges (rent your MicroFridge).  Halogen floor lamps are not permitted!  Please be aware that the use of extension cords is prohibited due to safety and fire concerns.  We require the use of power strips or surge suppressors instead.  “George Foreman”® – type electric grills; hot plates, and toaster ovens are also prohibited in the residence halls.


On Campus Freshmen are not permitted to have vehicles on campus. 

All students who bring a vehicle are required to have a permit to park on campus.  Vehicles not displaying a valid Menlo College permit will be ticketed and may be towed.  Vehicles must be registered online at www.menlo.edu/about/parking-registration-form/ on any campus computer. Upon arrival on campus you must present the following documentation for verification at the Student Service Center to obtain your permit (located in the Admission Building):

Valid driver’s license ­Current proof of insurance ­Menlo College I.D. or class registration


Doing laundry on campus can be summed up in one word:  Free! Each residence hall is equipped with free washers and dryers.

Dining Services

All students living in the residence halls are required to have a meal plan. All meals are eaten in the Dining Hall. Sodexo, an international company that provides food service to many colleges and universities across the countrymanages our dining service. Students are required to present their student I.D. card to enter the Dining Hall. The meal service is an all-you- can- eat plan, which means that you can return for seconds or even thirds if you are extremely hungry! Just make sure that you eat what you take to avoid waste. Students with special dietary concerns should speak with the executive chef or Dining Hall manager about any special foods or preparation that may be necessary.

The Dining Hall offers a wide variety of fresh foods and an extensive range of selections. Some of the food venues in the Dining Hall include: omelets made to order at breakfast, grill items such as cheeseburgers and hot sandwiches at lunch, made-to-order exhibition entrees for lunch and dinner, as well as traditional and vegetarian entrees from different cultures and countries. Theme meals are frequently provided and range from hand-rolled sushi to monthly birthday cakes.

For more information, check out the Menlo College Dining Services website.


Pets are not permitted in the residence halls at any time. The only exception is fish, which may be kept in an aquarium of no more than 10 gallons.

Storage Services Offered

Residence Life is pleased to announce that we have arranged with professional storage vendors collegeboxes.com (for storage of boxes and individual items, and for “at your door” moving services) as our preferred vendors to provide summer storage.

Collegeboxes.com, owned by U-Haul International, Inc., will store student’s belongings, including odd-sized items as well as boxed items, in their nearby, secure, climate-controlled facility and will transport them to and from campus as part of the service fee. Collegeboxes also offers “At Your Door” pickup and delivery boxes and packing supplies, and shipping to and from school.

*Please note: Menlo College assumes no responsibility for loss of, or damage to, items in storage. Additionally, contracts with our preferred vendor, Collegeboxes.com, are entered into by the student and the company. Menlo College is not a party to these contracts.

Collegeboxes offers a full service storage option to Menlo students.

Here’s how “Menlo At Your Door Service” works:

  1. Sign up for At Your Door service online and select the pick-up date and time most convenient for you.
    • Go to Collegeboxes.com, click on “Summer Storage & Shipping.” Select Menlo College “At Your Door” Service – Atherton,CA
  2. Boxes and supply purchase options.
    • A starter kit purchase is required during sign up process. The starter kit will be shipped to you via FedEx or UPS. Kit includes 5 boxes, tape, marker, 10 label pouches, and 5 zip ties.
    • Additional U-Haul boxes and supplies will be available for purchase at locations indicated below when Collegeboxes comes to campus.
  3. Log in to your Collegeboxes.com account to create and print storage
    and shipping labels.

    • For items you want stored over the Summer: Create, print, and affix storage labels to your boxes, bike, and/or odd-shaped items.
    • For boxes you want shipped home: Create, print, and affix shipping labels to your boxes (only boxes can be shipped). These boxes will be transported to the U-Haul Center and then shipped via UPS after being picked up from your residence hall.
  4. Collegeboxes scans and stores items labeled for storage and ships boxes labeled for shipping.
  5. When you return in the Fall, your stored items will be delivered to your new dorm room on your selected delivery date and time.

*Boxes and supplies may also be purchased for personal use.

Here’s how the “Ship To School” service works:

  1. Sign up online, purchase starter kit, enter pick-up date and address, and select final delivery date and dorm.
    • Go to Collegeboxes.com, then click on “Summer Storage and Shipping.” Select Menlo College, “Ship To School.”
  2. Collegeboxes ships you a starter kit
    (includes 5 boxes, tape, label pouches, and a marker)
  3. Pack your boxes and affix barcode labels you create using your Collegeboxes.com account
  4. Schedule a UPS/FedEx pickup for your boxes from Collegeboxes.com account
  5. Collegeboxes receives and holds your boxes at our secure climate-controlled storage facility
  6. Collegeboxes delivers your boxes directly to your room, on the date and time selected

Collegeboxes.com’s Ship To School service increases the ease and efficiency of moving into residences and shipping packages. This service provides a cost-effective, convenient, and reliable way to transport your personal belongings and packages, having them delivered directly to your room at a specific time.


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