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SERV General Information

To guide students in volunteer services Menlo College formed SERV (Service, Education, and Resources for Volunteers).  All students receiving a Scholarship are required to complete 30 hours of community/volunteer service and write a reflection on one of these activities during each academic year.  If you are a senior or a spring transfer you are obligated to complete 15 hours of community service, plus the reflection. However, we welcome all students to join the SERV program.

Acceptable SERV Activities:

 Programs must fit into the following categories:

SERV Office Location & Contact Info

The SERV Office is located in the Student Affairs Office.  The Office is run by student leaders, SERV coordinators, who provide guidance, assistance, coordination, training, and maintain the tracking of community service hours.

Submitting Hours & Reflection

SERV hours can be logged and submitted through the Menlo Roots system. Hours are submitted from your personal account and SERV reflections are uploaded under “Forms” from the SERV page.


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