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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Messages to the Menlo Community on the Implications of the Murder of George Floyd and Ongoing Racial Bias

Excerpt of message sent to the Menlo Community on 01 June 2020 from President Steven Weiner:

My commitment to the Menlo College community is to continue to enroll and support a diverse student body. We will redouble our efforts to help all of our students understand the persistent plagues of racism and injustice, and to educate them so they can address those problems – both on campus and in their home communities. Earning a Menlo College diploma is not just about individual achievement and career goals, but about recognition of the ways in which we can all play a role in pursuit of societal goals. We help all students succeed on our campus, regardless of race or ethnic origin. We embrace students independent of their gender identity, sexual orientation, or religion. As expressed by the members of our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee on Friday, “That is what Menlo College believes in: equity and inclusion for all.” Read the full message…

Excerpt of message sent to the Menlo Community on 29 May 2020 from the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee:

We condemn the murder of George Floyd. We stand against institutional racism and against those who would use the tools of power to dehumanize members of our society and even kill with impunity individuals like George Floyd, who represent people who traditionally have not had recourse. We cannot authentically celebrate the successes of our institutions unless we grapple with their failures. 

We look forward to discussing with the Menlo community the related problem of how a history of racism has resulted in people of color suffering the worst economic and health-related impacts of Covid-19. But now, in the spirit of Menlo College as an institution that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion, we stand in solidarity with all those whose hearts long for justice as we mourn the senseless murder of George Floyd. Unfortunately, he is one of many; we could have just as easily announced our desire for a society that universally engages in compassion and values the sanctity of Black and Brown bodies—a society in which every person would react in horror at the unwarranted killing of Breonna Taylor. Of Ahmaud Arbery. Of so many others. Read the full message…

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